• PAN02 Bread Basket

PAN02 Bread Basket

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Delicious and impressive basket of assorted breads, ideal to celebrate with your loved ones on special dates or religious festivals as an offering.


The Baskets Are Handmade And For This Reason They Are Made As Similar As Possible. Our Florists Are Professionals With Vast Experience Who Strive To Make Your Arrangement Almost Identical To The Picture. The Composition That Appear On This Website, Due Their Nature Of Perishable And Seasonal Products, May Vary In Composition, Structure, Color And Content Because To The Existence Of Stock, Which Is Sometimes Limited. We Clarify That The Photographs Presented On This Site Are For Illustrative Purposes. However, We Guarantee That The Price Paid By The Customer Includes The Products In The Description, In The Event That A Product In The Basket Is Out Of Stock, Its Value Will Be Compensated For By Another Similar Product.

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